Byenvini a Annou Palé Patwa!

Langaj sé yon bagay ki enpòtan! Language is important!

Here speakers and lovers of French-lexicon Creole (Kwéyòl, Kréyol, Patwa, Patois) gather to promote the survival of the language and support its revitalisation in places where it is endangered, starting with T&T, Venezuela and Grenada. Through this forum, we can share our ideas, our experiences and our plans. Check us out on Facebook and check out the Haitian Wikipedia. Many of our videos (some subtitled in English) are posted on YouTube.

Ladies of Paramin at the annual Dimanche Gras Patois Mass, Our Lady of Guadelupe RC Church, Paramin, Maraval, 22 Feb 2009 © J. Ferreira

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